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Stuart Lee & Associates - Mentoring & Training - bespoke in-house management training courses

Mentoring & Training

Stuart Lee & Associates offer professional bespoke in-house training courses for your executives, management, employees or contractors in any new processes and systems that we implement. We can also upskill your teams in areas like business development, quality management and project management. Our approach is successful as we firmly believe that it is important to develop the next generation of employees. We would always prefer to offer further training to a member of your existing team, or move them to another role supporting them in their personal development through a mentoring programme, rather than recruit a new member of the team. This also increases their motivation and commitment to your business.

We will analyse your training needs to develop one of your key assets – your workforce – to ensure your teams are equipped, empowered and engaged to make your long-term strategic plan a success.


Every successful business is founded on its people, so empowering your workforce and developing your executive teams will ensure that there are no skill gaps within your organisation. We work with you to identify the key competencies you need to make your business a success and put mentoring programmes in place to achieve this.

Business training

We offer one-to-one or group training tailored for companies in the bakery and food manufacturing sector in the following business skills areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business development
  • Supply chain management
  • Innovation processes
  • Management skills
  • Team building
  • Time management
  • Crisis management.

Technical training

We offer one-to-one or group training in the following technical skills areas:

  • Food security
  • Food safety
  • Process innovation
  • Innovation
  • New processes and procedures in your business.

Corporate Training Academy

We can also design a bespoke training academy for your organisation to tailor programmes to reflect your management and business structure and the future direction of your business.
We have partnered with a global training organisation, operating throughout Europe, undertaking training programmes throughout the world.

Contact us for more information on our mentoring and training programmes or to discuss your bakery and food manufacturing project.