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Stuart Lee & Associates - Design of processes & operations - business process analysis within the bakery & food industry

Bakery Consultancy and Operations

Bakery operational process design

Through our bakery operations services, we design effective operational processes for your bakery business to minimise risk and maximise the benefits of a lean production process. We review and design bespoke solutions to best practice for supply chains, production and distribution. We set up rigorous processes from the start, especially in the areas of food safety and food security, where it is particularly important to be compliant with legislation. We will build you safe, secure and sanitary manufacturing processes throughout your bakery and food business.

We provide fully documented specifications for all processes that we design, which can be used for ongoing quality assurance and for training of teams. We are specialists in setting up quality management systems, which allow for a high level of process control, as well as the continuous improvement of your operations and lead to efficient manufacturing and good manufacturing practices (GMP). We work closely with your teams in this phase, as we know through our experience that many teams will have the answers to many issues themselves. This early involvement means they will own the new processes more completely, rather than them being imposed.

Technical bakery operations design and support

Stuart Lee & Associates offer technical support to ensure your bakery production line is productive, effective and sustainable in the following areas:

  • Building design
  • Equipment layout
  • Equipment utilisation
  • Sanitation requirements
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment breakdowns and downtime
  • Liaising between third parties and non-government organisations
  • Energy efficiency strategies.

Monitoring and quality assurance

We work with you after the new processes are put in place to ensure that your bakery business is running to plan. We can also carry out further audits if required, or if further issues arise. Ensuring that key processes are thoroughly tested on an ongoing basis and are truly transparent will minimise the risk your bakery business is exposed to, which can be caused by weak systems. We work with you on quality assurance, measuring performance on an ongoing basis, sampling and measuring against the original process specification.

Contact us for more information on our operations and process design services or to discuss your bakery and food manufacturing project.