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Stuart Lee & Associates - Performance and compliance audits - ensure your bakery & food industry quality management systems are compliant

Bakery Production & Food Safety Audits

Stuart Lee & Associates carry out audits of every part of the supply chain and operations of a bakery and food manufacturer to establish if you are up-to-date and compliant against legislation, meeting regulatory and technical standards, as well as verifying you against world-class best practice policies, processes and procedures. We will identify if your business is operating to optimum performance, to best practice and with a quality management system in place.

If you have a particular issue in mind, we are happy to focus in on just that area of your business, for example, to check if your process is compliant with legislation in a particular country, or looking at the whole supply chain from suppliers, through production to logistics and distribution. If you have operations across countries, we will assess if you have consistency locally and internationally and comply with local laws and regulatory obligations.

We have a unique audit approach which relies on observation, investigation and communication with everyone within the organisation, challenging systems to ensure they are optimised and protected at all points in the process. Our analysis will provide you with a list of issues to be resolved, risks to be addressed and areas that need attention and more investigation.

Bakery production audits

Our audits include:

  • Supply Chain Health Check Audit
  • Manufacturing Health Check Audit
  • Food Safety Health Check Audit
  • Logistics and Distribution Health Check Audit
  • Quality Management System Audit
  • Crisis Management System Audit
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) Audits.

Food safety audits

We are also able to offer the following food safety audits:

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans & verification systems
  • Food safety verification programmes.

Contact us to book a Health Check Audit or for more information and to discuss your bakery and food manufacturing project.