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Stuart Lee & Associates - Corporate Strategy and Planning for the bakery and food industry

Bakery Corporate Strategy & Plan

Bakery corporate strategy

Following on from an audit, Stuart Lee & Associates will design a corporate strategy to either stabilise your bakery business in a turnaround situation or to grow the business, drawing on our extensive experience of working in the bakery industry around the world.

A corporate strategy is a key driver in determining how the organisation as a whole performs and to what level it succeeds. It sets targets and identifies the resources needed to achieve the required result, giving a blueprint that can be communicated to your employees and other stakeholders.

We will work alongside both your management and operational teams, to make sure the strategy is the completely tailored to building success in your business. We can also advise on the best corporate structures that you may need to expand both in your domestic market or internationally, whether through organic growth or through mergers and acquisitions.

Our corporate strategy will build on the findings of our audits, including:

  • Monitoring trends and global innovations
  • Incorporating market intelligence
  • Identifying a competitive edge
  • Creating SMART targets
  • Developing core values
  • Identifying key competencies
  • Building partner networks.

Bakery Improvement programme plan

We will design a detailed programme plan detailing exactly what you need to do to improve your bakery business and operations. We will detail the individual steps to be taken, the resources needed and the timing and deadlines. For a turnaround situation, we generally propose a six-week stabilisation plan and for a process improvement plan we can increase equipment utilisation and will agree and deliver the project with specified timelines. Once signed-off, we will then work with your teams to get engagement and commitment with this plan.

Contact us to talk about developing your corporate strategy and plan or for more information and to discuss your bakery and food manufacturing project.