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Our specialist team of bakery consultants can improve all parts of your bakery business, including strategic development, sales & marketing, business development, HR and training as well as the operational side looking at the supply chain and production lines.

Our services cover the entire bakery management & production process from strategy to compliance, bringing you world-leading best practice plans and processes.

Our approach

Stuart Lee & Associates are world-leading expert consultants in the bakery and food manufacturing industry with a game-changing approach.

We share our vast experience with you, so that you get everything right first time. All our work is backed up by our tried and tested methodology, which ensures that every element of your business is put in the spotlight one-by-one and realistic improvements recommended. Our approach depends strongly on our belief that the answer is already within the team and we are specialised in observing and extracting the operational and business issues you are facing.

We have a tried and tested process to achieve these results, including:

  • Investigation
  • Diagnose the issues
  • Feedback issues and risks
  • Stabilise the business
  • Set business objectives
  • Formulate a realistic plan
  • Build engagement with the plan at all levels
  • Select internal project teams
  • Intervene and implement changes (usually within six weeks)
  • Monitor progress against the plan
  • Mentoring & training
  • Planned growth.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your bakery and food manufacturing project.

Performance & Compliance AuditsPerformance & Compliance Audits

Performance & Compliance Audits

We carry out audits of every part of the supply chain and operations of a bakery and food manufacturer to establish if you are up-to-date and compliant against legislation, meeting regulatory and technical standards to best practice.

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Corporate Strategy & PlanCorporate Strategy & Plan

Corporate Strategy & Plan

We design a strategy to either stabilise your business in a turnaround situation or to grow the business. We will produce a programme plan, detailing exactly what you need to do to improve your bakery and food manufacturing business and operations.

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Design of Processes & OperationsDesign of Processes & Operations

Design of Processes & Operations

We design effective operational processes for your business to minimise risk and maximise the benefits of a lean production process. We design bespoke best practice solutions in areas of expertise, including supply chains, production and distribution. Quality management and quality assurance is key to these processes.

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Mentoring & TrainingMentoring & Training

Mentoring & Training

We offer professional bespoke in-house training courses for your executives, management, employees or contractors of a bakery or food manufacturing company. We develop skills in operational processes, quality management, project management and business development.

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Financial Due DiligenceFinancial Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence

We offer a specialist financial due diligence service to review and evaluate the strategic, commercial and operational information for an acquisition, merger or investment of a company within the bakery and food industry.

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Crisis ManagementCrisis Management

Crisis Management

We offer a crisis management service in the case that you do experience a breach of your bakery or food manufacturing supply chain or operations. We prepare a plan to rectify the incident, prepare an authentic and reassuring PR communication and manage both the media and social media.

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