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Culture of Business

I have been fortunate in my working career over the years to travel a great deal globally and visit some amazing places and meet with some very interesting characters. Which have meant I have held some great conversations and I have enjoyed numerous special moments at the same time. I’ve learnt a great deal about business culture in the process and have made many new friends and business contacts over the years.

Organisational Structures for Bakery Businesses

What is the best organisational structure for your bakery business?


Setting out an organisational structure is a prime principle when creating a start-up. There is no right or wrong answer when creating organisational structures. Each structure has advantages and disadvantages – it is about finding the best fit for the nature of your particular business.

Frozen Dough Pros and Cons

Over the last 35 years I have been involved with frozen dough in various forms or frozen dough manufacturing in some shape or form. Either fully frozen or fully proved ready to bake breads, cookies, pastries and muffins to name a few of the product options which are available today.

Stuart Lee & Associates - Blog - Bakery Consultant

Bakery Consultancy

Stuart Lee & Associates is a bakery consultancy which operates globally which has grown and developed within the baking and food industry in recent years, we view ourselves as market leaders in the baking and food industry, we offer services such as design and development of multi million dollar facilities through to bespoke training solutions for our client base.

Stuart Lee & Associates - Blog - Bakery business development

Bakery Business Development

Corporate Strategies & Bakery Business Development is a key driver in all successful organisations. It determines how the organisation as a whole performs and to what level it succeeds; it sets targets and identifies resources needed to achieve the required result which is what your bakery business development is all about. Therefore developing the right